Effective Use of Video on Social Media

Social media platforms have come a long way in support of posting video. Instagram, Twitter and others would only support posting pictures not too long ago. For a while, Vine was the option many chose for posting video on social media. Keep in mind, Vine would only allow you to post 5 seconds of looping video at a time.

Once Vine’s video capabilities gained widespread use, Instagram took notice. Instagram began allowing users to post 15 seconds of video. This was a big improvement over Vine’s 5 seconds. I know this is when I, personally, stopped using Vine. While creating video’s to promote band’s upcoming gigs, 15 seconds was a lot more useful.

Now, video has become much more integrated into the major social media platforms. Twitter allows users to upload 30 seconds worth of video, Instagram recently raised its limit to one minute, and Facebook will allow a maximum of 45 minutes. I bet some data storage companies like EMC are loving this growing trend.

With all the social media platforms embracing video, not enough businesses are taking advantage when it comes to their social media marketing campaigns.

Because I’ve been working with bands the past several years, the easiest example I can make is in the world of music. I’m going to look at one of our local Denver based music promoters, Soda Jerk Presents. Soda Jerk is a successful music promoter/venue owner. They are extremely good at what they do. Their About page is a pretty good read. That being said, let me show you how the use of video on their social media channels would be beneficial.

Here is a recent post from Soda Jerk’s Instagram account:

Soda Jerk Presents


And here is one from their Twitter account:

Soda Jerk Presents, Melissa Brooks Aquadolls


On the outside, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these posts. That is, as long as you are a fan of these bands and are familiar with their music. Let’s face it, most of the bands out there are not as well-known as, say, the Red Hot Chili Peppers or the Rolling Stones. Yes, they likely have a loyal fan base, but what about the rest of the people out there that may not be familiar with their music?

Soda Jerk’s Twitter account has 5900 followers. Their Instagram account has 2900 followers. Let’s be generous and say 10% of their followers are familiar with Melissa Brooks and the Aquadolls. The other 90% likely don’t know what the band sounds like and therefore are much less likely to buy tickets to the show. I’ve seen it first hand with other bands like Dead Sara and Irontom who play for large crowds, and even regularly sell out shows in Los Angeles. Dead Sara had a decent crowd when they played the Marquis Theater last spring, though it was not a sell out. Irontom may have had 25 people in the crowd when they played the Larimer Lounge in February.

These bands, very popular in LA, simply aren’t as well-known in Denver. If all you do is post a picture on social media advertising a band, you are leaving it up to your followers to research the band to see if they are interested in going to the show. Most people will not take the time to do the research on their own. That is simply not effective marketing. Today’s society wants instant information.

Using video to promote a band that is playing a show is much more effective. Below is an example of a video clip I put together to promote an upcoming tour featuring Candlebox, Lullwater and Temple Agents. Yes, I know Candlebox is likely more well-known than other bands in this post, however I believe the example still illustrates my point.

Though the example above is posted on YouTube, being  only 28 seconds long, it works perfectly on our Facebook account, Instagram account as well as our Twitter account. If your followers aren’t familiar with Candlebox, Lullwater or Temple Agents, they instantly know what their music sounds like. They are much more likely to know whether or not they would be interested in buying tickets to the show.

In today’s world, people like things made easy for them. They want as much information as quickly as possible without having to do extra work on their own. Using video on your social media channels could be the simple marketing tool you need.

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth.

-Imagine Digital


Orlando Nightclub Shooting

I almost don’t know what to say regarding the mass shooting in Orlando this weekend. I will simply never understand what could possibly be going through somebody’s mind to make them think shooting a bunch of innocent people would solve any problem or prove any point.

It’s obviously way too early into the investigation to know what the shooter’s true motivations were. And, to be honest, how can we ever truly know? Reports say he called 911 prior to the shooting claiming fealty to ISIS and that he had been investigated twice prior by federal authorities. I’m not a blind sheep. I don’t trust everything we get from the news media. This could all very well be true. But the major news media outlets are not non-profit organizations. They rely heavily on buzzwords to get people’s attention to boost their ratings and therefore profits.

I don’t want to turn this into a discussion regarding the faults of the news media. I don’t even want to turn this into a discussion about ISIS. Let’s just talk about people. Society.

One of the great things about people is that we are all different. We all look differently, talk differently, act differently, and have different beliefs. Could you imagine a world where everybody was the same? This would be a very boring planet. One of my favorite things growing up as a kid was the fact that my family moved around a lot. I got to meet so many different people from different backgrounds. Being exposed to all this diversity definitely helped shape me into the person I am today.

Do I have my own beliefs? Absolutely. I am human. But they are just that. My beliefs. Are they all 100% right and absolute. Most likely not. I’m not a religious person. Does that mean I’m 100% sure there isn’t a god? No. There certainly could be. Am I gay? No. But just because I’m not doesn’t mean others can’t be. People love who they love. I’m a Detroit Pistons fan. Does that mean everybody should be a Pistons fan? Okay, that last example may seem ridiculous. But that’s how ridiculous any of these shootings or attacks are whether they are in the name of a god, religious belief, moral belief, political belief or any other belief.

Jesus vs Allah, Republican vs Democrat, Gay vs Straight, Yankees vs Red Socks, Coke vs Pepsi. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. With that many people, there are bound to be different beliefs. Feel free to believe what you want. But don’t hate another person because they believe differently.

One of my biggest passions is music. I’ll close out my thoughts with Depeche Mode’s ‘People are People’.

People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we’re different colors
And we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs
It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve never even met you so what could I have done

I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

Help me understand

Now you’re punching
And you’re kicking
And you’re shouting at me
I’m relying on your common decency
So far it hasn’t surfaced
But I’m sure it exists
It just takes a while to travel
From your head to your fists

I can’t understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

Orlando Shooting, Pulse Nightclub

Senseless shooting in Orlando. #OrlandoUnited

Nico Vega – Thank You for the Memories

Earlier this week came news that many of us had suspected was coming but were hoping wouldn’t. Nico Vega is on an indefinite hiatus. Extremely sad news to all of their loyal fans whom they have entertained, touched and inspired over the years.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to see them perform live several times. Their shows brought power not only in their music and performance, but also in their message. It’s hard to choose a word that best describes Nico Vega’s music. For that reason, I offer you the following selection; moving, uplifting, empowering, encouraging, honest.

We first heard of Nico Vega through another band we followed. One of their members had tweeted a link to Nico Vega’s video for ‘Beast’ when it first came out. Once we heard Beast, we checked out more of Nico Vega’s music until we were hooked.

We got our first chance to See Nico Vega live during their tour in 2013. We were living in Detroit at the time and drove down to Columbus, Ohio to see them perform at The Basement. We arrived a little early. Okay, maybe a lot early. While we were waiting, Dan Epand (drums) and Aja Volkman (vocals) would stop and chat as they were going in and out of the venue. Then, after they finished their sound check, they invited us to walk with them over to a local juice bar. It was great to be able to meet the people and find out that they are as warm and welcoming as the music they create.

During the next week we also saw Nico Vega in Cleveland, Detroit and their performance for JBTV in Chicago. We’ll never forget the reaction we got from Aja when she came out on stage and saw us in Chicago. With that big bright smile of hers she said, “You guys again? Where do you even live?”

The next time we saw Nico Vega perform was right after we had moved to Denver in 2014. They were touring with Imagine Dragons. We almost didn’t go to the show because we had a flood in our new house right after we moved in. We were feeling a bit down. We decided the best thing to do was go to the show as a way to lift our spirits. It was the right decision. It was great seeing Nico Vega perform at a sold out Pepsi Center. Though, I won’t lie, it’s more fun to see them up close in the small, intimate venues. Not only was it a great show, but Dan had seen we had troubles in the new house and even asked how things were while we were getting some autographs.

The final time we saw Nico Vega perform was a very special night. We flew out to Los Angeles for their Lead to Light album release party at The Roxy in July of 2014. It was great to hang out with old friends and new friends as we watched Aja, Dan and Rich celebrate by giving their fans one hell of a show. The other band members even managed to surprise Aja by having dancers from their video for I Believe come up on stage while she was singing.

So much great music. So many fun memories. We discovered Nico Vega when our love for live music was in its infancy. There is no doubt that seeing them perform and discovering how wonderful they are as people helped nurture this love.

As I said, it is hard to sum up Nico Vega in just one word. If I had to try, I believe the best word would be Special.

Dan, Aja and Rich, thank you for all the memories. You truly are wonderful people. Best of luck in whatever life brings you. We’ll see you on the reunion tour.


Dan Epand, Aja Volkman, Nico Vega

With Dan Epand and Aja Volkman at a juice bar in Columbus, Ohio

Aja Volkman, Jamila Weaver, Nico Vega

Aja Volkman and Jamila Weaver in Detroit


Rich Koehler, Nico Vega, JBTV

Rich Koehler in Chicago for JBTV

Rich Koehler, Nico Vega, JBTV

Rich Koehler in Chicago for JBTV

Aja Volkman, Nico Vega

Aja Volkman in Denver

Nico Vega, Lead to Light, The Roxy

Outside The Roxy for Nico Vega’s Lead To Light album release

Nico Vega, The Roxy

Hanging with some Nico Vega fans at The Roxy

In the Beginning…

So we all have to start somewhere. So why not start this Blog with where my love for editing began.

The first time I sat down and played around with editing was a few years back. I had taken a week off of work for my birthday. At the time I was living in Michigan and my birthday is in February. Let me just say, there isn’t much to do in Michigan in February. My wife and I had recently discovered a new band that we really enjoyed. So much so, that we listened to their album for about three months straight. The band was Dead Sara.

After looking around online, we found they had a pretty decent following. Their fan base goes by the moniker The DEADicated. This group of fans work pretty hard on social media trying to help promote Dead Sara. I decided it’d be fun to try to make a video for them.

I had never really done any video editing up to this point. But with a snowy week in Michigan to kill, I gave it a try. I sat up in the middle of the night one night and wrote an outline and script. Then I shot some video using an old GoPro and video camera. All I needed now was a copy of Adobe Premiere and I was under way.

Now, I had never used Abobe Premiere, but I’m fairly good at teaching myself things. So I sat there, and through trial and error, figured it out. Well, figured out the very basics anyway. What I came up with is the video, below. I warn you, it’s pretty bad. Keep in mind I had no idea what I was doing when I first sat down to make this video. Good thing I’ve learned a whole lot more in the years since. Also, I’m a natural-born smart-ass so my odd sense of humor runs throughout.